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United Kingdom

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Geographic focus:

Europe, Africa and Asia

Industry focus:

Industry agnostic

Company profile

EMCORP is an investment management firm focused on emerging markets. GEMCORP team is focused on investments in Emerging Markets across sectors and asset classes. The team invests through macro, public debt, private debt and equity strategies. Most of the investment professionals have worked together at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch as well as in Emerging Markets focused asset managers.

Robust controls and operations, led by a team of highly experienced professionals, have been implemented as the back bone of the firm. The firm has 25 professionals and offices in Europe, Africa and Asia.

The four asset classes that are in the scope of the fund are introduced in a bit more detail below:

  • Private Debt: Investments in senior and mezzanine loans backed by fundamentally strong corporates, sovereigns or assets.
  • Public Debt: Opportunistic investments in sovereign, quasi-sovereign, high yield, corporate and distressed bonds through combinations of top down, bottom up and technical strategies.
  • Equity: Opportunistic equity investments in both listed and private companies.
  • Macro: Trading of interest rates, currencies and related derivatives to express short term and long term macro and technical views.

The fund allocates capital dynamically across these strategies according to the opportunity set at the specific time.

Investment philosophy/criteria

While the firm indicates that their mezzanine investments target companies that are essentially strong and stable cash flow generators, they don’t provide further details on the investment criteria. Furthermore, since the fund is not restricted to mezzanine loans alone, they follow the opportunities within different investment strategies to provide best risk adjusted return on their capital.

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