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HarbourVest is a leading global private equity investment firm with a long history of innovation and success. The HarbourVest team has been investing in the private markets for 30 years, gaining invaluable expertise and developing long-term relationships with sought-after partners along the way. They strive to generate strong returns through investing in premier partnership funds, in secondary investments, and directly in operating companies. Their solid reputation throughout the industry gives the firm access to a diverse range of high quality investment opportunities in the U.S., Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and emerging markets.

HarbourVest is independently owned by their managing directors, an experienced and distinguished group of investment professionals. While much has changed in private equity markets over the past three decades, HarbourVest’s investment team has remained stable, and the same skills used to evaluate investments over the years remain at the root of the investment process. This cohesive team provides a consistent approach to investing and insights based on hundreds of years of cumulative experience.

HarbourVest is a global player with an established local presence. HarbourVest’s global perspective is not limited to their investments – their investors hail from all parts of the world. When conducting business globally, communication is a critical factor for success. Their investment professionals come from unique and diverse backgrounds and speak more than 10 languages.

Investment philosophy/criteria

The primary goal of their direct investment decision-making process is to identify those investments that they believe have the best risk/return profile. When constructing the portfolio of direct investments, they also take into consideration the industry sector, company size, geography, and year of investment.

Before making a direct investment, an extensive analysis of a prospective portfolio company is performed. HarbourVest’s professionals review a company’s industry, management, business strategy, product/service, market position, financing strategy and competition. Additionally, their team evaluates the manager, alongside whom they are investing, including the manager’s track record in the specific sector, track record of the individual partner and whether the investment thesis of the particular transaction is consistent with the manager’s expertise.

The direct team utilizes their firm’s broader resources when conducting due diligence. The primary and secondary teams and the information tracked in their proprietary partnership database can provide valuable background and data on co-investors and existing portfolio companies. Much of this information is unique, and only available because of the information and relationships they have built over the years.

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