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Company profile

LFPI Group is one of the premier independent multi-strategy alternative asset managers in Europe with more than three billion Euros of assets under management. They invest in private equity (primary, secondary, co-investments, and funds), private debt (unitranche, mezzanine, senior), real estate (from core to opportunistic in both equity and debt) as well as asset management (fixed income and equity) investing in Europe, North America and Africa with a long-term and prudent investment strategy.

Under the leadership of Gilles Etrillard, LFPI Group has more than 70 highly skilled and motivated employees. It is truly international with offices in Paris, New York, Geneva, Vienna, Milan and Luxembourg.

Each of LFPI Group’s activities benefits from the commitment and experience of a fully dedicated team. Firmly rooted in their local markets and highly specialised in their core expertise, LFPI Group’s teams display great stability and demonstrate steadfast commitment to their investors who trust them.

Throughout the years, they have been able to develop insightful analysis of the investment market, enabling them to anticipate and innovate by regularly offering new and high-performance investment products.

Private debt business overview

LFPI Group developed its private debt business line in 2007. Since that time, LFPI Group has directly arranged more than €350 million in transactions and invested in more than 30 companies, following strategy of diversification across different geographies and sectors. LFPI Group uses its network of private equity and banking relationships to invest and co-invest in the primary and secondary debt markets. The team’s experience combined with a stringent investment selection process has generated attractive revenues for investors and an average internal rate of return exceeding 12% on all exited investments.

LFPI Group continues to strengthen its position as a strong investor in the debt market of Western Europe. The team is led by experienced financing professionals with a strong track record in the European lending and private equity buy-outs. A truly European multi-disciplinary team, the professionals are based in Paris, Geneva and Vienna, and intensely work the portfolio as seen in the other business lines of LFPI Group.

Investment philosophy/criteria

In this section only private debt part of LFPI Group’s business is considered, as this is the most relevant for companies looking for mezzanine financing.

LFPI Group finances all type of small and mid-cap companies in Western Europe with a particular focus in France and Germany. It favors mature and recession-resilient companies with a track record of steady profitability and a strong management team with clear strategic vision.

LFPI Group operates indifferently in the primary and secondary markets to adapt to market changes and cover a large range of investment opportunities. The Group invests in senior debt (including bridge loans, new money and unitranche financing), junior debt (mezzanine, high-yield, etc.) as well as non-performing loans.

Following the structural shift in banking systems and benefiting from a reduction of bank lending to middle size corporates, LFPI offers bespoke and alternative solutions in direct lending. The increase in corporate credit demand and low default rates has contributed to achieving an attractive performance for investors.

LFPI Group deploys a defensive investment strategy with high diversification targeting stable returns and a low level of risk with a recurrent yield.

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