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Mezzanine financing for your company or real estate project – find mezzanine investors

Finding the right mezzanine financing partner for your business or real estate project is a critical step in advancing you towards your business objectives. This is especially the case when you look for capital beyond bank debt and equity. The lists of mezzanine lender available below are a tool that you can leverage in your work.

Corporate mezzanine funds

Find the list of mezzanine funds that specialize in providing financing to businesses. The global directory of mezzanine financing companies provides information on the ticket sizes, industry focus and investment criteria of the funds.

Real estate mezzanine funds

Find the list of mezzanine firms that finance various real estate projects. The list aims to help you identify mezzanine lenders that are not only active in your geographic region, but also invest in the specific types of the project you work on.

Mezzanine financing – what is it actually?

Mezzanine financing layer - position on the balnace sheet

Mezzanine financing is a form of subordinated debt. It is typically used by middle-market companies and real estate projects to bridge the funding gap beyond their borrowing capacity from traditional banking sources.

Mezzanine is, furthermore, often used in the situations where additional equity financing is not really an option. Overall, mezzanine financing is a very flexible form of capital that can be customized to meet the requirements of wide variety of situations.

The best place to start developing your understanding of this form of financing is our start here page.


Mezzanine financing preparations - first call with mezzanine lenders

Mezzanine financing preparations – first call with mezzanine lenders

This article provides the steps that you should follow to make sure your preparations for the first conversation with mezzanine financing companies are up to speed with the expectations of mezzanine investors.

At the end of the article there is and exclusive bonus – Mezzanine financing pre-screening document checklist in PDF format available for download.