Mezzanine financing resources

We thought it would be helpful to create a resource page that you can always come to for all of your mezzanine financing needs. We’ll add to it as we identify more relevant tools and resources. We recommend bookmarking this page for your reference and convenience. Enjoy!

Our most recommended

If you look at nothing else on this page, these are the three that you should know about. We find ourselves recommending these resources again and again, in emails and phone conversations. We use them because they make our life easier, and we’re confident you’ll agree too.

mezzanine financing companies - find lenders you have been looking for

Directory: Global list of mezzanine lenders

Identify mezzanine financing companies that are active in your region. Find their more specific investment criteria, as well as, overview of their profile. Save yourself time.

Invest in yourself – listen to audiobooks

Mezzanine financing is used in the times of transition and/or growth. These are important times in the life of your company. As the company develops, you should too. Don’t let the busy schedule stand on the way of your own growth and learning. Listen to audiobooks while you drive, work out or do other things.

Resources step-by-step

Here we have compiled a list of useful tools and resources and ordered them by stages in mezzanine fundraising process.


  • GoToMeeting – Online conferencing solution is an excellent tool to make your early communication with mezzanine capital providers efficient. You want to get your message across effectively and raise their interest in your company. To do that high quality and reliable online conferencing software is extremely valuable. We use GoToMeeting on daily basis and strongly recommend it not only for fundraising purposes, but in general for improving your communication within your company and externally. You will want to set-up your account in advance and test it beforehand.
  • OpenVoice – An alternative to online conferencing, but also partially a supplement to it is a conference call service. OpenVoice is one of the most widely used services with excellent coverage, high audio quality and good reliability. In practice, you need it as soon as people are in three different locations and still want to have a joint conversation.

Selecting which mezzanine finance providers to engage with

  • List of mezzanine financing companies – We have complied a list of mezzanine capital providers throughout the world. Currently, there are nearly 200 firms on the list and the number is growing constantly. We periodically review the information and do our best to keep the list up-to-date. Each of the mezzanine lenders has a brief general company profile and an overview of the investment criteria.

Information exchange and negotiations with selected mezzanine firm(s)

  • ShareFile Virtual Data Room – In order to share the information requested under the due diligence, it is often most efficient and most secure to use a tool generally referred to as Virtual Data Room (VDR for short). Since content of the documents requested under the DD is often very confidential, it is not a good practice to send it by email or share via, for example, DropBox. ShareFile VDR is a specially built secure platform for sharing documents in situations like mezzanine fundraising. There are many VDR tools available which vary a lot in quality, usability, security and price. We recommend only the VDR with which we have good experience.


One of the key reasons to get mezzanine financing is to move your company to the next level in terms of growth, development and ultimately success. No matter whether your company will end up using mezzanine capital or not, this kind of progress is what we want to assist you with. Therefore, we have collected a list of couple of books we believe are useful for you. They don’t necessarily focus specifically on mezzanine financing, but we believe they can be helpful both before obtaining mezzanine capital and afterwards.

  • Valuation: Measuring and Managing the Value of Companies – This book is an excellent resource for anyone who wants to understand how to value a business. It walks the readers through the process of building a valuation model and teaches how to analyze a company from equity perspective. Moreover, it provides a superb overview of business value drivers, which linked to practical things that managers can do increase the values of companies they lead. We highly recommend it!
  • Standard & Poor’s Fundamentals of Corporate Credit Analysis – This classic book covers all you need to know to understand how lenders think. It is an excellent guide to the credit perspective on corporate analysis. Not only do the authors walk you through the process of conducting thorough credit analysis, but they also occasionally entertain with good sense of humor.
  • More books related to mezzanine financing – You can definitely find more relevant books from Amazon. Here’s a link that takes you to a good starting point.